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An Executive Recruiting, Placement, and Advisory Services Company for the Telecommunications Industry


There are two challenges companies face when recruiting on their own - time and fear. Recruiting is a full time job and you already have one. In an industry as competitive and dynamic as telecommunications the good people are always being heavily pursued and timing is everything. Your best bet is to use a recruiting firm that knows who the good people are and can get their time and attention.

A company's biggest fear is this -

Failure to move ahead of the competition with a few key personnel acquisitions!

In our industry, there is a constant need to attract and develop the best talent available. The successful accumulation of a company's "human assets" leads to measurable rewards and competitive advantages. The Sharkey Group doesn't fill jobs in the telecommunications industry - we construct successful business relationships that can end up becoming turning points in a company's development when carefully cultivated. And the only way you can develop the instincts for success in this type of endeavor is to do what The Sharkey Group has done - combine deep knowledge and experience in the telecommunications industry with the people that drive it, shape it, and build it.


The Sharkey Group's expertise lies in the area of voice, data and converged solutions. Our clients range from large global giants to small start up companies offering hardware and software solutions in IP Telephony, Data Center, Cloud Computing, Data Networking, Network Security, Wireless, Contact Center and Infrastructure. We recruit nationally, boasting a large database of experienced professionals from coast to coast. We fill positions in the areas of Executive Management, Mid-Management and Individual Contributor. Our expertise includes the placement of sales, marketing, engineering, and operations professionals within the industry.


Recruiting can cost a company a bundle – especially when it doesn't pay off. That's why it is so important that a company like The Sharkey Group, that possesses the industry knowledge and contacts, be your recruiting partner. All placements require a deep level of analysis and communication, but management searches require special levels of attention, effort and expertise. Finding the right individual to fill a key position can make all the difference. Your company's potential for growth and leadership in the industry starts with the investment in finding the right people. Protect that investment by partnering with The Sharkey Group.