The Sharkey Group

An Executive Recruiting, Placement, and Advisory Services Company for the Telecommunications Industry


At The Sharkey Group, success is simply measured by our client's growth from key personnel acquisitions resulting from The Sharkey Group's intensive knowledge of the telecommunications industry, its people and the complexities of recruiting in a fast-change business environment. Through our tenacious and ongoing pursuit of quality people - both established "superstars" and promising newcomers - we are able to match leading voice and data communications companies with the type of people that are instrumental in growing a company and an industry.


Regardless of which side of the hiring process you've found yourself on, you have undoubtedly dealt with recruiters before. While many recruiters are highly qualified and professional, less skilled individuals with little experience, scant industry knowledge, and poor follow-up skills abound. These recruiters inspire the term "headhunter" - body hunters who care only about earning a fee for a quick hire and don't tend to concern themselves with the long-term ramifications of making a careful placement that endures and produces the desired result for the employee and employer alike.

You may have similar dubious experience with the use of job boards. Both job hunters and employers report a lack of consistent success using job boards. It seems that job hunters are plagued by offers that are well below their credentials and employers must wade through mountains of resumes of unqualified hopefuls. Job boards clearly have a place in the employment world, but rarely work for everyone.

At The Sharkey Group, our approach is to perform an exhaustive search for the ideal candidate based on developing a broad base of potential matches from a thorough evaluation of our database of many thousands of industry professionals in the voice and data communications world. We interview each candidate carefully comparing the work experience and skills profiles to the pre-qualifications provided by the hiring manager. We then present to the client a Candidate Profile report outlining the applicant ' s work experience and suitability for the job. You won't receive a lot of resumes of unqualified candidates from The Sharkey Group. We won't waste your time. At The Sharkey Group, we feel our reputation is defined by creating satisfying partnerships for employers and employees alike.